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America Has Too Much Intellect But Too Little Wisdom

I often wonder what makes America tick and what makes America the leading country in the world, a country so attractive that humans are willing to risk their lives and limbs to get here. I have figured the answer to it lies in all the best brains in America that have made it the most lucrative land to be in.

So why then is America also failing miserably in many areas?

Again the answer lies in the same argument, what we have is just pure intellect with little wisdom.

So what…

Would you want your daughter to go under the knife to play to the male gallery? Do you want her to feel pressured to have to constantly live up to an impossible beauty standard and suffer low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression as she can no longer keep up the facade?

My eye caught a news item that read “ Priyanka Chopra says a director asked her to go under the knife, fix her ‘proportions’: ‘It’s so normalized’.

It further went on to read how she walked out of that project. This is very impressive that she is talking about it…

India has been experiencing a wave of Farmer’s protests and Rihanna’s single tweet has led to a pretty big storm.

Rihanna tweeting about a global issue is welcome but what begs the question here is if Rihanna had any knowledge of what was happening on the ground to put out an irresponsible tweet like that. She has no understanding of the reasons why the Farmer’s are protesting or any idea of India’s internal politics.

It is a shame that we live in a celebrity-infested culture that more people are paying attention to a celebrity’s tweet who has zero knowledge of…

The reason feminism in the West did not completely achieve its intended goal entirely was that the west advocated sexual liberation which liberated men more than women leading to a hookup culture that did nothing more than objectify women, with little consideration of real emotions and now we evolved to a point, we have dehumanized sex completely.

In the east, women are treated as property by men and their needs and emotions are stifled. In the east and middle east, the most prominent message a woman gets is her sole purpose in life is to obey and serve a man.

Why individual Choice is a Myth

Americans place a lot of value on “ Individual Choice” which is a pretty dumb concept as there is nothing like Individual Choice.Every choice is a social choice that is made by an Individual and the whole Individual Choice theory is both flawed and in some cases dangerous.

Let us look at an illustration of Individual Choice to understand what I mean.

A lot of people today think not having kids is an Individual Choice.On the surface though it comes off as an intellectual choice made by a thinking individual, the reality is that…


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